2024April 29 : Notice of Golden Week holidays

We would like to inform you of the Golden Week holiday!

4March 29(Monday)and May 5(Monday)We will be resting.

Thank you🤲
2024April 23 - : Glutinous bonito is in it
Seafood Izakaya April 23 from Shoo(Tuesday)

Enjoy delicious sake with mochi bonito.

2023In October 21. : 1021 May(Saturday)Recommended menu for today
海鮮居酒屋 翔男 お勧め瓦盛りお刺身

Mecha recommended

Deep-fried winter melon: Please try to eat it while saying hot.

Sweetness spreads in the mouth.

I think this taste of drinking Japan sake with a little bit of sake will be addictive.

10月21日(土曜日)の海鮮居酒屋 翔男、今日のお勧めメニュー
2023October 20 - : Just looking at the photos makes me want to eat. Lake Hamana Power Food, Douman crab, and seasonal fish for fried chicken!
お刺身と旬のお魚 ハゼの唐揚げ

How about a Friday night full of snacks like the one in the photo?

There may not be any Douman crabs, so please ask the staff.

浜名湖産 幻の蟹といわれるドウマン蟹
2023October 19 - : Seasonal fish, autumn sword fish You can also go with sashimi.

Fresh autumn sword fish, how about sashimi today with delicious Japan sake?

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