We have a selection of Japan sake carefully selected by the general. If you are not sure which one to choose, please ask the general.

Recommended Japan sake

翔男 ロゴ Hamamatsu Local sake
A new genre Japan sake! En Shu

Fruity and elegant aroma and sweetness like young melon

You can feel the umami even in the refreshing spiciness

Refreshing, dry taste

Super dry but refreshing fruity

A unique combination of Shizuoka rice and Burgundy white wine yeast

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draft beer

Bottled beer



Our recommendation! A unique taste that reproduces the original saltiness and umami of pickled plums.

Hand-picked Sicilian lemon juice

■Shochu (Rock/Mizuwari)

Gorgeous aroma, refreshing taste

The sweetness of sweet potatoes, from the back mouth!

Bottle Set

Shochu Bottle Keep

* Bottle keeping is also possible, so please feel free to contact us.

■ Plum wine (rock / water / soda)


Glass of wine






■ Fruit wine (rock / water / soda)

■Soft drinks