Recommended menu

Recommended menu

翔男 ロゴ Shouo Top Picks
Sashimi Hamamatsu Castle Kawaramori

翔男 ロゴ recommendation No.1
Lake Hamana Steamed oysters in the shell

翔男 ロゴ recommendation No.2
Natural bite

When you put it in your mouth, the plump texture spreads in your mouth, and along with the light taste, moderate sweetness and umami spread in your mouth. In addition, by adding seasonings such as soy sauce and wasabi, you can eat it more flavorfully.


翔男 ロゴ recommendation No.3
Bonito sashimi

翔男 ロゴ recommendation No.4
Raw bigeye tuna bite

翔男 ロゴ recommendation No.5
Raw Oyster Pons

翔男 ロゴ recommendation No.6
Fluffy white meat sea bass tempura (plum meat sauce)

The meat of sea bass is tender and low in fat, so it goes well with the crispy batter, and the contrast of the texture enhances the deliciousness. Try dipping plum meat sauce to your liking. The deliciousness of the white meat of sea bass spreads in your mouth along with the aroma of plums.


翔男 ロゴ recommendation No.7
Shallot Heaven

翔男 ロゴ recommendation No.8
Salt and stew

翔男 ロゴ recommendation No.9
Tara Saikyoyaki

Fluffy mouthfeel and gentle flavor of Saikyo miso. It goes perfectly with rice, and when eaten together, the umami of Saikyo miso and cod is combined to make it truly exquisite. It is also recommended as a snack with alcohol. The refreshing mouthfeel and moderate saltiness enhance the taste of sake.


翔男 ロゴ recommendation No.10
Steamed clam

The steamed soup is steamed with the clams, and the umami of the clams is blended in.
It has a refreshing taste and is appetizingly delicious.


翔男 ロゴ recommendation No.11
Pine mushroom heaven
Pine mushroom tempura has a simple seasoning, but you can fully enjoy the rich flavor and taste.


翔男 ロゴ recommendation No.12
Braised pork

翔男 ロゴ recommendation No.13
Large clam grill

翔男 ロゴ recommendation No.14
Hokuhoku!! Turnip tempura
Turnips become soft when fried and fluffy! I can't stop my hands. If you chew it, the sweetness of the turnip will spread in your mouth.


翔男 ロゴ recommendation No.15
Broiled Gingko
A moderately crunchy and fun dish.
Freshly roasted ginkgo is delicious with a fluffy texture.